BEES Elephants Sanctuary in Thailand

There are a lot of options when deciding which elephant sanctuary in Thailand to visit. Many claim that the elephants are rescued, but a lot of companies can say that because they technically rescued the elephants from a logging industry that no longer needs them. Instead, they were put into the travel industry. It really isn’t the “rescued” that you instantly think of when you hear that word.

elephant sanctuary in Thailand

A more authentic experience

In addition to finding an elephant sanctuary that actually benefits the animals, we wanted an experience that wasn’t a tourist trap. If you’re just looking for a few hours of elephant time and a couple social media pictures, there are plenty of options out there. Instead, we decided to volunteer at BEES Elephants Sanctuary because of the overall experience they offer. Below is the video highlight, followed by a few more words.

Volunteers can spend as little as one night at the sanctuary or months. We opted for a three night stay since our time in Chiang Mai is limited, but a lot of volunteers come from all over the world specifically for this experience. During the visit, you will obviously interact with elephants, but the sanctuary also helps rescued dogs and cats. They don’t stop at animals though! You also have the opportunity to visit a local school and help children with English. Volunteering at BEES is the kind of experience that you leave feeling good so it’s something we highly recommend during a visit to Thailand.

Do great things, but still smell great

One of the main reasons we developed solid cologne is for experiences like this. We don’t mind being hot or sticky, but a nice refreshing smell after a hike or day with the elephants was nice. We brought along Explorer solid cologne on this experience.

Explorer solid cologne