The Thrill of Living as an #ExperienceSeeker

Everything you do is an experience. Waking up, making your coffee, riding your bike to work, traveling last minute to a country on your own and reading this post are all experiences, whether you consciously acknowledge it or not. Some experiences are necessary and others happen because of the actions you choose to make. Or not make.

If you wait for life to hand over all of your experiences, chances are they won’t be the ones that help you become who you want to be. If you actively seek experiences to better yourself then you will end up where you want to be. It’s not always easy and you’re the only one who can decide for yourself which path to take. Our decision was to become experience seekers and this is what our brand stands for.


Our favorite type of experience is traveling, which is why we have a personal goal of traveling to six new countries a year. We put a number to our goal because everyone wants to “travel more.” Add a number to your traveling goal and you’ll be more likely to accomplish it. Why is traveling such a high priority for us, though?

First, there is a difference between traveling and vacationing. The intended purpose of a vacation is to relax, clear the mind, ignore work emails and eliminate or at least reduce stress. Traveling can be physically and mentally exhausting to the point that returning home feels like a vacation. Almost every traveling experience left us lost or in a situation that we had to think quickly on our feet. Most of the time we put ourselves in those situations intentionally, but these were experiences that helped define who we were at the time and who we wanted to become in the future.

Interacting with locals is one of the most rewarding experiences while traveling even when it takes a great deal of concentration and understanding. There can be a language barrier, cultural barrier and sometimes you’re having such a great time with your new friends that you stay out until 7am, wake up at 9am and continue on with your adventure exhausted. It’s worth every minute of the experience and most of the time you won’t realize how much you learned from your interaction with locals until you return home.

These are the experiences that teach us more about ourselves than any self-help book, inspirational movie, quote, speech or anything else that tries to TELL you exactly how to live. We love advice, a good movie, quote or speech, but if you don’t turn the temporary motivation you get from that content into an experience, did you really learn anything from it? We take the content we’re exposed to and turn it into experiences. That’s when you really learn.



Traveling is our favorite type of experience, but it isn’t the only one. An experience can be something as simple as picking up a random book and finding a place outdoors to read on your own, a Mind Hike, learning to cook a new dish or waking up an hour earlier each day. For our Austin, TX natives, we’re sure you can appreciate the view pictured above and the experience you’ve had overlooking Barton Creek with a group of friends and usually a guitar.

One of our favorite experiences that we like to hear about is when someone leaves a job they never liked so they could start a business that they were passionate about. It’s a pretty big experience, but even if it leads to failure it’s better than feeling regret in the future. You can bounce back from a failure, but there isn’t much you can do about regret. That’s why we explore everything and regret nothing.

Your experiences are going to be different than ours, but that’s what we love about being an experience seeker. Some experiences will result in failure, some will lead to success and others might be completely meaningless. That’s okay, though and we want to hear about your experiences, good or bad.


Our goal is to help turn your temporary motivation that you get from our social media, journal or emails into real life experiences. We’re not here to define you as a man or tell you how to live your life. It’s your collection of experiences that define you as a man today and who you want to become in the future. That part is on you, but we want to hear about the good and the bad. It’s important enough to us that we even give away free goods to do so.


We experience as much as we can, but can’t do it on our own. Plus, it’s more fun with others. Sometimes we need to learn from your experiences. That’s why we encourage you to share your experiences with us, personally or through social media. When we feature your story/image on social media we send you a personal promo code for 50% off and randomly send products we don’t even sell online. The only way to get them is to share your experiences. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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