How We Made Yacht Week One of Our Favorite Experiences Yet

If you’ve heard of Yacht Week then you most likely watched one of their promo videos online. Based off the videos, your initial perception might be that Yacht Week is an entire week of full out raging on and off the water. That was my original perception so when the other founder of ulio&jack asked me if I wanted to go I was a little hesitant. After 30 seconds of hesitation, I said yes. That turned out to be one of my best decisions yet.

I’ll tell you exactly how we experienced Yacht Week in order to make it one of our best weeks yet. One of my favorite aspects of Yacht Week is that you’re able to choose the type of experience you want. If you want to rage from sunrise to sunrise you can do that. We took a different approach though.

Let’s start with our recap video.

Crew Selection, Yacht and Hostess

ulio&jack Yacht Week
You’re going to be on a yacht for an entire week with eight or more people. The people you choose to yacht with and the type of boat you choose will make a pretty big impact on your experience. Everyone on our boat was on the same page when it came to what we wanted to do. We were more interested in exploring the islands of Croatia than being in constant party mode. Because of this, one of the best days of my life happened during Yacht Week. More on this later.

Now that you have a crew selected it’s time to choose your yacht. Your experience will be much more enjoyable with a premium catamaran. It’s absolutely worth the extra money and you’ll be extremely happy that you chose a catamaran when you first set sail.

What about a hostess? ABSOLUTELY. I couldn’t imagine the trip without our hostess, Leah. She made better breakfast and lunch on the yacht than I do back home (wake up call). Every meal was exceptional and she really contributed to an overall better experience.

What to pack

What to Pack at Yacht Week
The official Yacht Week packing list covers most of what you should bring. The majority of my baggage contained camera equipment so I didn’t have much room for unnecessary luggage. A few tanks, tees, bathing suits and short-sleeved button-ups were plenty for me. Instead of clothing, I focused on the toys. I was able to fit all of my camera gear in my new favorite backpack, the Everyday Backpack 30L by Peak Design. The last time I was this excited about a backpack was in the picture above.

I brought along the DSLR with an extra lens, Osmo, 360 camera, GoPro, MacBook, iPad, PolarPro filters and all the accessories and batteries needed to keep them running. I was also able to fit my Bose headphones and a few articles of clothing that didn’t fit into my small hardshell. That’s because I had to put the Phantom 4 in my hardshell case while I was traveling, but once I was on the yacht I was able to attach the drone to the outside of the backpack.

Because of all our equipment, we had to constantly charge batteries. If you plan on doing the same, then I’d recommend a power strip in addition to the European adapter so you can charge multiple batteries at once.

From the list that Yacht Week provides I would say that the sleep mask is a must and ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper. You also need a nice portable speaker. Music sets the mood so you’re always going to have the speaker going.

ulio&jack solid cologne

I saved the best item for last. You’re in the sun all day and aren’t always able to shower in a real shower. You still want to smell good though- I hope. That’s why you absolutely need some ulio&jack solid cologne.It barely takes up any room in your baggage, the container will not break and it’s easy to carry around anywhere you go during Yacht Week. This is really why we created solid cologne – to easily smell great anywhere you go.

Sails set, now what?

ulio&jack at Yacht Week
Now you have seven days to explore, meet new friends, become closer with your current friends, relax, dance, swim and just enjoy being in the now. I recommend keeping a journal or bringing along your Five Minute Journal if you have one. If you don’t, pick one up.

Yacht Week does a great job with the itinerary. Thanks to The Week app, you’ll know the daily plan before you even leave for your trip. From nice dinners to boat tie-ups, Yacht Week also does a great job at balancing the different types of activities each day. TYW staff is professional and organized, making it extremely easy to go with the flow.

The amount of participation in the scheduled activities is up to your group. We attended and enjoyed every planned activity, but left a few of them early because we wanted to wake up early and explore feeling refreshed. Pro-tip: bring packets of Sqwincher ZERO Quik Stiks. Mix that with a bottle of water before bed and it might just prevent that unwanted hangover in the morning.

Our video does a good job recapping the different types of activities we did, but it doesn’t show my favorite memories. That’s because I didn’t have any camera gear during the group convos during dinner or those deep conversations about life late at night.

A day to remember

ulio&jack at Yacht Week

During Yacht Week, I had one of my most memorable days yet. It started off waking up at 5:00 am to our skipper departing from the group of 35 yachts and setting sail to the Blue Grotto. We did this in order to beat the crowd and enjoy the sunrise while in the cave. The picture below gives you an idea of what it’s like, but it truly feels majestic when you’re actually there.

ulio&jack solid cologne

After the Blue Grotto, we set sail to Vis while enjoying one of Leah’s incredible breakfast feasts- eggs Benedict this time around. Once we docked up in Vis, we picked up our scooters that Marcus (our skipper) reserved the previous day. We highly recommend this- they might be sold out if you wait until the day of. Scooters were a highlight of the trip and allowed us to visit a couple places that contributed to the memorable day.

Our first stop was at Roki’s, a small winery with wine, rosé and cheese. Imagine that. It was a great place to stop before heading to our next adventure, which would end up taking up the rest of our time with the scooters.

Marcus and one of the locals told us that we needed to take the scooters out to Stiniva Bay. None of us had any idea of what to expect, so we assumed we could just park our “high-performance” scooters on the side of the road, spend a few minutes taking in the views of the bay and move on with the adventure. It turns out that Stiniva Bay requires a little hiking from the road, but once we made it to the bottom we decided to stay for a bit. I highly recommend doing the same. Below is a quick 360 video beginning near the top of the hike followed by the refreshing reward.

By the time we hiked back to our scooters, we needed to return them and get ready for our night at Fort George. Our skipper picked the latest available dinner slot so we would arrive during sunset. Once again, Marcus nailed it. Watching the sunset with a group a great group of people while sitting on the edge of a fortress was one hell of a way to start the night. I didn’t bring any camera gear to this event so the photo below is from The Yacht Week.

The Yacht Week with ulio&jack

Once we were finished dinner and loaded up on a few caffeinated drinks to help bring us out of our food comas, it was time to let loose a little. I recommend reserving a table this night, but keep in mind- not all tables are created equal. Our table was in a prime location and even gave us a little extra space to dance on our own. Send us an email and we’ll share our favorite table to reserve. Reservations go quickly once they open up, so keep that in mind.

After hours of dancing to great music from the band and rotating DJs, we fulfilled an entire week’s cardio routine. It was now time to finally sleep and end one of the best days I’ve had yet,

The feeling that this day provided is a continuous motivator and reminder of why I wake up and work. ulio&jack was founded because of the experience seeker’s lifestyle and the feelings that come with that. The Yacht Week experience will be remembered forever and only raises the bar for future experiences.

Bonus 360 content – I planned on making a 360 video of the experience like I did for New Zealand, but my waterproof camera decided to take on some water while swimming. Here are a few random clips before it died.