New Zealand | The Adventurer’s Dreamland

2017 is going to be an exciting year of traveling for us considering we're aiming to beat our 19 country tour in 2016. To kick off the year we decided to explore the beautiful south island of New Zealand. Like the majority of our trips, we didn't have much of a plan so we're going

Lesson Learned – Getting a Passport on the Fly

It’s been a long week and finally, Thursday night rolls around. You didn’t sleep well the night before; the excitement for your upcoming international trip is beginning to kick-in. The clock hits 6 PM and you realize it’s time to throw in the towel, organize your workspace and leave the office. At this point, there’s

The Art of the Layover

It’s been a big year for travel; five continents and nineteen countries big. The focus on each trip in the last 365 has been perfecting the layover while en route to the final destination. As far back as I can remember, having anything but a direct flight has been deemed as a headache and an

A 360 Experience in Kauai, Hawaii

We picked up a 360 camera so we can better share our experiences with you. We'd love for you to join one of our experiences, but as of now this is the next best thing. For our first video, we're sharing some of our favorite spots in Kauai, Hawaii. Let us know what you think so

Tips for a Weekend in Prague

Czech Republic’s capital, Prague (Praha), provides architectural beauty, inexpensive necessities and a handful of memorable cocktail bars, making it a great long weekend destination. In addition to the modern-day Prague experience, the historical relevance is something I recommend reading about, considering the main castle dates back to the 9th century. Read more about the history

Local Experience | Austin Bouldering Project

We've always been into climbing obstacles while traveling or exploring new trails in Austin. This is especially true when reaching the top results in a decent size jump into the water, which happened a lot during our sailing trip from Rome to Sardinia. Unfortunately, experiences like that aren't an everyday occurrence. To satisfy our climbing fix and improve

It’s Never Too Early To Be An Experience Seeker

We’re big into experience seeking and feel that everyone, especially kids, should have the opportunity to explore their world and personal creativity. Schools all around the world cut out extracurricular activities because of financial limitations and we feel that personal growth is limited because of this. We’re looking to help change that. Our first attempt

The Thrill of Living as an #ExperienceSeeker

Everything you do is an experience. Waking up, making your coffee, riding your bike to work, traveling last minute to a country on your own and reading this post are all experiences, whether you consciously acknowledge it or not. Some experiences are necessary and others happen because of the actions you choose to make. Or

Whiskey: Our favorite sip – Unveiling the unknown

Over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to visit several craft and industrial distilleries around the country. After extensive “primary research” consisting of sitting in tasting rooms, speaking with bartenders or tour guides or simply chatting with the master distiller, we’ve found there are several extremely consistent questions that are asked. We believe

Living the Dream: How to Combine Business and Pleasure In Buenos Aires

One lifestyle idea that we’ve always preached and prided ourselves on is the necessity of finding a good work-life balance. Usually when traveling, with several obvious exceptions, we encourage fully disconnecting (no cellphone, no computer) as we believe there’s no better way to immerse in an environment and find true clarity. However, disconnecting full-time isn’t