Let’s go back to Iceland

This was our second visit to the majestic country so we came better prepared and were most excited to see new areas that we missed last year. We'll start off with the recap video and 360 experience, followed by a few recommendations. We only bring one solid cologne with us for short trips like this [...]

Why Are They Called Kiwis?

Depending on where you are in the world, the name Kiwi will mean something different when first brought up. If you're in the South Pacific Islands, especially New Zealand, people will think of New Zealanders when you say Kiwi. That's because New Zealanders are called and proudly call themselves Kiwis. If you're in other areas of [...]

Hong Kong – a favorite gateway to Asia

Note: if you’re new to Asia or Asian culture, you’ll hopefully appreciate our notes below. Because of the Western history and the surprising number of people that speak some English, we’ve found Hong Kong to be one of the safest and most approachable cities in this neck of the woods. After fifteen hours, the plane [...]

Rent a Jeep and Head to Polihale State Park

I really enjoy randomness. Random trips provide the most excitement, but sometimes a random fact is enough to give me an unexpected boost of happiness. The most recent occurrence happened over the weekend. My friend recently came back from a visit to Hawaii. One of his stops was in Kauai so we began to talk about the [...]

New Zealand | The Adventurer’s Dreamland

2017 is going to be an exciting year of traveling for us considering we're aiming to beat our 19 country tour in 2016. To kick off the year we decided to explore the beautiful south island of New Zealand. Like the majority of our trips, we didn't have much of a plan so we're going [...]

Lesson Learned – Getting a Passport on the Fly

It’s been a long week and finally, Thursday night rolls around. You didn’t sleep well the night before; the excitement for your upcoming international trip is beginning to kick-in. The clock hits 6 PM and you realize it’s time to throw in the towel, organize your workspace and leave the office. At this point, there’s [...]

The Art of the Layover

It’s been a big year for travel; five continents and nineteen countries big. The focus on each trip in the last 365 has been perfecting the layover while en route to the final destination. As far back as I can remember, having anything but a direct flight has been deemed as a headache and an [...]

A 360 Experience in Kauai, Hawaii

We picked up a 360 camera so we can better share our experiences with you. We'd love for you to join one of our experiences, but as of now this is the next best thing. For our first video, we're sharing some of our favorite spots in Kauai, Hawaii. Let us know what you think so [...]