We experience the world and create products that complement our adventurous lifestyle. The name ulio&jack comes from our grandfathers, Ulio and Jack.


Raised on a farm in Italy, Ulio was no stranger to hard work and quickly developed larger aspirations for his life. His father had always pushed him to be a “Matterhorn”, which means to be a man who embraces hard work and necessary risk. In 1946, in true Matterhorn fashion, Ulio said farewell to the farm life and hopped on a ship headed to the United States at only 15 years old. Coincidentally, on that same ship was his future wife, Bessie. She and Ulio would meet just a year later in high school. Then, in 1950, the Korean War struck. Again, Ulio gave way to the Matterhorn within and served our country as a tank gunner.

Upon returning from the war, Ulio went into business with his brother, and established a successful Detroit based painting company. Years later, Ulio and his brother would purchase a local bar called Karigan’s. These days Ulio enjoys the peaceful life consisting of hunting, gardening and fishing. However, challenge him to a wrestling match and you may be surprised at the outcome.


Born in Detroit, Jack, and his younger brother, Eugene, had to endure the passing of their father when Jack was just 4 years old. Their mother would then remarry just a few years later and add three children to their family. Jack’s childhood was already anything but easy, and at age 11 his only brother, Eugene, was killed in a bicycle accident.

Upon returning from a weekend escape in northern Michigan with his girlfriend, Carole, Jack was greeted by a bolted house and no trace of his family. That weekend his entire family, along with his mother, abandoned Jack and moved away to California without any warning.

Jack had endured a rough upbringing and was accelerated into manhood sooner than a boy should. Although thrown a tough childhood, Jack’s life turned around quickly thereafter. Jack married Carole in 1948 and had 10 children together, creating a large family foundation for generations to come. In his later years, Jack further embellished his passion for poetry by writing for Carole and his family. Jack also shared his love for football with his 5 sons through coaching. After 62 years of marriage, Jack passed away in October of 2010 followed by his wife Carole in January of 2011.