Rent a Jeep and Head to Polihale State Park

I really enjoy randomness. Random trips provide the most excitement, but sometimes a random fact is enough to give me an unexpected boost of happiness. The most recent occurrence happened over the weekend. My friend recently came back from a visit to Hawaii. One of his stops was in Kauai so we began to talk about the different areas we were both in. I brought up that one of my favorite areas was Polihale State Park. He replied, “Oh, the most western publicly accessible area in Hawaii.” I didn’t know that at the time of visiting so I pulled out the phone to fact-check him. He was right. So, if you head to Kauai make sure you visit Polihale State Park and do it in a Jeep.

I’m a fan of sports cars and driving fast, but as you can see in the video, having a Jeep is much more useful… and fun.