solid cologne



At the root of Aviator solid cologne lies a thrill-seeking and instinct guided individual. The man behind these impulsive actions has a yearning for simple sophistication, adventure and chasing new life experiences. The Aviator pocket cologne is a scent with universal appeal and it yields a lightly sweet, fresh, and complex finish. The unique blend of jade, plum blossom and oud work in harmony to build the perfect aroma.

This is our flagship solid cologne and we spared no expense to build the perfect base oil of beeswax, jojoba and shea butter. All ulio&jack colognes are crafted to be travel-friendly, easily fit in your pocket and perfect for applying on the go. After applying, our oils won’t leave a greasy feeling or residue on your skin. Whether you’re on a long flight or long night out on the town, ulio&jack Aviator allows you to smell fresh when you need it the most.

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