Tips for a Weekend in Prague

Czech Republic’s capital, Prague (Praha), provides architectural beauty, inexpensive necessities and a handful of memorable cocktail bars, making it a great long weekend destination. In addition to the modern-day Prague experience, the historical relevance is something I recommend reading about, considering the main castle dates back to the 9th century. Read more about the history of Prague on Wikipedia.

Transportation and Where to Stay

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Most flights to Prague leave the east coast later in the afternoon. I took an 20:00 flight Thursday evening out of JFK, slept five out of the eight hours on the plane and woke up in PRG Friday at 11:00, ready to spend the day walking around the town.

Once you land, you have a few options of getting to the city. You can spend about $1.30 and take a bus or flag an Uber for around $12. Due to the time constraints, I decided Uber was a more suitable option.

You have a couple transportation options once you’re in the city. I highly recommend staying somewhere in Prague 1 since you’ll be able to walk to almost everything you need to see. Walking around Prague is one of the reasons to visit, but if a destination is beyond your walkable tolerance, you can pick up a 24-hour tram ticket for around $5 or use Uber for less expensive rides.

Tourist Attractions in a Day

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I can’t think of a more tourist populated destination than Prague. They’re everywhere so be prepared for that. I typically like to avoid tourist traps, but they’re worth seeing in Prague and you can see them all in a day. You can download the free tourist map that shows locations and transportation stops or download the app for iOS or Android that will help you get around, purchase tickets and more.

Cocktail Bars in Prague

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There’s no shortage of cocktail bars in Prague and the best part is that the prices are very reasonable for what you get. Each location I’m about to recommend offers unique drinks and a special ambiance that makes the experience memorable. Mix that in with a group of friends over conversations and you’re going to have a great night. Make sure to call ahead and make a reservation since these spots are pretty popular.

Where to Eat

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I’m not a huge foodie and would be happy eating Asian food for every meal. Because of that, I always find an Asian restaurant no matter where I am in the world. To satisfy that need I ate at Zebra Asian Noodle Bar a couple times. However, our bartender at AnonymouS recommended that we visit Agave for great Mexican food. What a recommendation. We ordered a few appetizers, which were excellent, but then came my burrito. WHAT A BURRITO. It’s something you have to try if you visit Prague.

My last recommendation for food is brunch at The Farm, located near Letna Park. Enjoy great food and then head to the park to enjoy a little relaxation with some of the best views of the city.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a short trip I would recommend stopping in Prague. You can find an Airbnb for one or two people for under $40, you can get beer for under $2 or some of the best cocktails you’ll taste for around $8. I even received an hour foot and back massage for $15. That could have been a random special they were having because I went back the next day and it was $25. Still, pretty cheap.

Prague is a city to get lost in and find random alleys that usually contain hidden pubs, boutiques or picture opportunities that most tourists miss out on. Because of this, I recommend going between May and September since the weather is near the 60s at this time.